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      Company Profile

             KASUN Glass Limited Company was founded in 2005. It has area of over 3,000 square meters workshop and of more than 100 employee. Our company have one more than production bases and offices all over the Chinese main city. The most important, our glass processing production and the sales amount ranked the forefront of the glass domestic industry. Our company have the professional glass processing equipment, like the vacuum coating machine, glass washing and drying machine, glass edge grinding machine, glass cutting machine, beveling machine, tempering furnace, CNC processing machines and other professional production equipment.

             Our company main do the electronic deep-processing glass and architectural glass. Electronic glass products are: electronic and electrical appliances toughened glass, laminated glass, conductive glass, ultra white glass, coated glass, display glass, AG glass (anti glare glass) ,AR glass(high transmittance glass / anti reflective glass), LED glass, advertising machine glass, KTV switch panel glass etc. we can do all kinds of thickness of float glass processing. Company's products are widely used in household appliances, electronic products, display, LED lights and other fields. Architectural glass products: float glass, tempered glass, Low-E glass, curved glass, laminated glass, coated glass, hollow glass, rolled glass, silver mirror, aluminum mirror, the products are mainly used in the wall construction, high-grade office building and high-grade building etc..

            Company's products are sold both at home and abroad, exported to countries in Southeast AsiaAustraliaNew ZealandAfrica and developed area. We take” quality is life, the customer is God” as our business concept. We pay attention to product quality, at the same time also attaches great importance to product design.KASUN Glass Limited Company sincerely hope can keep friendly cooperation relation with customer all over the world on the basis of equality and the mutual benefit, then achieve the win-win effect.

      Contact us

      Contact: Mr. Ouyang 
      Mobile: 13428961725 
      Tel: 0755-85280699 
      QQ: 1308987157 
      Website: http: //www.saasgames.com